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The Academy Governing Board (AGB)

In general terms the Governors  act as “critical friends” of the Headteacher and staff through looking at how the school is progressing. The AGB is responsible for: ensuring the school’s money is well spent; making sure procedures are in place to ensure effective teaching and learning; examining the educational outcomes the school achieves; resolving grievances; overseeing the implementation of annual school development plans; and ensuring we regularly review how we are doing and how we could do better.


The Academy Governing Board consists of:
• 5 parent governors (elected by the Orchard parents)
• 2 staff governors (elected by the Orchard staff)
• 1 governor appointed by Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust
• 3 governors appointed by the AGB
• The Headteacher – Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher
Extra people may be invited to join as associate (non-voting) governors.

Summary of Governors’ Details

Governor Name Governor Category Term of office start date Term of office end date Roles Declarations of Interest Meetings attended 2017-18
Alec Thomas Appointed by the Trustees 27/01/16 26/01/20 Chair of AGB None 6/6
John Robb Appointed by the AGB 09/09/18 08/09/22 Finance Group, GDPR Governor Casual Caretaker at Alban Wood Primary School and Nursery 6/6
Gwion Williams Parent 01/12/18 30/11/22 SEND Governor None 6/6
Paul Sutton Ex Officio (Headteacher) 08/09/08 6/6
Simon McFall Parent 30/11/15 29/11/19 Vice Chair of AGB, Pupil Premium and Sports Premium Governor, Website, Organisation Development, Finance Group Married to a members of staff 5/6
Neil Chakrabarti Appointed by the AGB 14/12/17 13/12/21 Finance Group None 4/6
Natasha Penn Parent 01/12/14 LEFT None 5/6
Bradley Williams Staff 01/10/18 30/09/2022 Curriculum Development – SIP Married to a member of staff 6/6
Warren Brown Parent 01/12/18 30/11/22 Premises, Health and Safety Governor Chair of Watford Youth Football Club 6/6
Philip Miller Parent 10/12/17 09/12/21 Curriculum Development – SIP None
Melanie Barnes Appointed by the AGB 01/10/16 30/09/20 Safeguarding & Attendance Governor Casual MSA at Orchard 6/6
Germaine Matthews Staff 01/10/18 30/09/22 Finance Group Work for WGGS on a self employed basis