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Welcome to The Orchard Primary School PTA

The role of the PTA is to raise money to help the School provide materials, resources and facilities for the benefit of everyone who uses the School and assist in building a community of parents and teachers. The PTA is made up of a committee of parents and staff who meet regularly to discuss fundraising initiatives and organise events, and is supported by a team of parent-volunteers who give their time to help out at some of these events.

The Committee

Chair – Marie Tailor
Secretary – Katy Bridgewood
Treasurer – ShahinBharwani
Marketing and Publicity – Jigna Giga
Events Lead – Carly McKane

What we do

The Orchard Primary PTA is made up of a small group of parents that work together for the
benefit of the school. All of us are working parents and none of us are specialists in
fundraising but between us we manage to put on several events throughout the year. Our
regular big events are the Christmas and Summer Fetes and the school discos. We do have
smaller fundraising ventures in between like pop up tuck shops and Mothers / Father’s Day
sales. These events are organised 100% by the PTA and without a merry team of volunteers,
these events would not be possible.
The PTA offers parents the opportunity to meet other parents and it
gives parents the opportunity to play an active part in the school’s welfare, both financially
and materially. But basically, we are mums and dads who volunteer our time to raise money
for the school and have a bit of fun in the process!
Most schools are dependent on the PTA for funds for certain items and Orchard is no
different. The PTA provide funds for new library books, educational visits, lighting for the hall,
daily mile path, contributions to school trips and many other things.

Every pound put into the PTA goes back to providing something for your children.

How you can help?

The PTA runs on a continuous cycle – as children reach their final year and leave, so do the
parents. So, we constantly need volunteers and new faces to ensure the PTA stays up and
running – without parent support, there is no PTA. Together we raise funds that are used
for the children’s benefit. The best bit about contributing to the PTA is playing an active part
in making the children’s experience at Orchard more varied and getting involved illustrates
good teamwork and community spirit. What have you got to lose?!
There are a variety of small ways you can help and be involved – from designing a poster,
photocopying and distributing letters in the school, cleaning up after an event, helping out
on a stall…so many ways. Giving up just 30 minutes of your time to help the PTA is
invaluable. If everyone could spare 30 minutes a term to help, just think what we could
achieve! Attendance at meetings is not essential, but they are often good fun.

How can you get involved?

Call any of us, like our Facebook page or leave your details at
the school office. Meetings are on the school calendar and on Facebook, and we welcome
new people to come and give us some fresh ideas for the new school year.

Kind regards
The Orchard PTA