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Crafty ideas to do at home! 

Here’s ten ideas/recommendations from Jenny Evans, artist, of cheap and easy ways to keep busy, get creative and most importantly stay positive through this uncertain period.

1. Lay sheets of paper on a protected floor and get creative with abstracts. You’re not allowed to use paint brushes! I loved using squeegees, sponges and feathers in particular but anything goes. Apparently wiper blades are particularly brilliant. I also loved chucking powder paint over the top. Use hairdryers to blow paint in different directions, scrunched up toilet roll tubes for different marks and bounce balls dipped in paint across the pages. The sky is the limit!

2. Use a spoon to smooth out an old tinfoil roasting tray. Lay a tea towel underneath the tinfoil and then emboss into the foil surface using anything (pencils work well). Cut out your shapes to create a final image. Be careful of fingers on sharp edges!

3. Sign up for a month’s free trial to Skillshare and access a huge range of online courses to learn new skills! I loved learning more about how I can use Photoshop to create texture in my work but there is anything and everything on there. 

4. Change the foot on even the most basic of sewing machines (have a look on eBay for ‘universal free motion foot’ some are less than £4) and start drawing with your sewing machine! It’s brilliant fun and creates images so quickly.

5. Take some thin paper and a wax crayon or a pencil and look at all of the unusual textures around your home and garden. Run over different textures to create landscapes and images in different areas of the page. The backs of tiles, sandpaper and knitted jumpers work well for this!

6. Make a little book of experiments. Make different textures, cut them up, layer them, draw into them, get the sewing kit out and embellish into your paper. Cut up sweet wrappers and Easter egg tin foil. Just get creative and have a little book to flip through at the end of your hard work.

7. Upcycle something old. Stitch into an old jacket. Use a stitch style called sashicho to repair an old pair of jeans. Order your favourite patches on Etsy and iron them onto something to breathe life into something new (I love EmbroideryMoks shop on Etsy).

8. Break up some old plates and left over tiles stored away in your garage. Use some Polyfiller to create mosaics. Make sure to break up plates inside tea towels and be safe when handling the broken pieces. Sketch a design onto a hard piece of cardboard and get sticking!

9. Create some salt dough and create different shapes. I love creating gift tags this way, but have also created wreaths and tealight houses. Rolling different plants into circles is particularly effective.

10. Gather flowers from the garden, unusual found objects from around the house and create your own still life. Use pens, pencils coffee, tea or inks to create different layers and textures! Great for observational skills and incredibly relaxing for a rainy afternoon.