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Crime and Punishment in 6W

Today we looked at Crime and Punishment in the Early Modern Period. We learnt that far more crimes were punishable by execution and that punishments were far more harsh to try and bring down the crime rate. We also learnt that more crimes began during this time period. We then looked at these new crimes and tried to match the reasons for these. We had to use more of our teamwork skills for this activity.

6W – bonding as a new class

Today was the first day that we became a bigger and better 6W. To help the children to gel as a new class, we took part in a quiz. There were 5 rounds and the children had to work together to answer the questions correctly. It was great to see new friendships formed and the children being so welcoming and fitting in so well. Well done everyone – what a perfect class.

Analysing Evidence in 6W

In history we looked at the poem, ‘The Highwayman.’ We reopened the investigation today and looked at the items which were found on his body. We then added these to our ‘zones’ and decided if they showed that he had robbed someone, if they showed that he may have robbed someone or if they were irrelevant. We had lots of discussions regarding this today!

Shakespeare in Year 5

Year 5 had an amazing day today with Konflux Theatre Group taking part in drama performances of plays by William Shakespeare. We became soldiers in a scene from MacBeth before visiting the forest as fairies from Midsummer Nights Dream and finally went to sea as the ship and waves from The Tempest. We were able to quote extracts from the plays to make our acting really come to life. We had learnt a great deal about William Shakespeare and the Globe theatre but really understood how his plays are still popular today from speaking his words and becoming actors for the day

Children in need 2021

We had so much fun today coming to school in our PJS. We managed to stay awake and complete our learning without too many snores! We also know why we are supporting the charity and talked about which children benefit from our donations.

History in 6S

Today we looked at medieval and Tudor crime and punishment. We learnt about one area and then taught another group all about what we had learnt.

Countdown in Year 6

Today in maths, Mrs Williams’ group played countdown with math. We randomly generated 6 cards and were given a target and using only the cards given, had to try our best to create that target. It really challenged us and we worked on all four operations and felt really proud when we made the target. We even had our own Rachel Riley who went through the answers!

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