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Independent letter writing

Miss Simmons is so proud of her class this week for writing a letter independently. We have been looking at the book ‘The day the crayon’s quit’ and this has inspired the children to think about our stationary in the classroom and how we must treat it with respect. Here you can see the children working with a partner checking their writing and editing any mistakes.

World Book Day

2S had so much fun today celebrating authors, books and characters from our favourite fiction books.

They looked great in their costumes and really enjoyed reading with some of the older children.

6W as teachers! Learning about rivers and their impact.

Today we were the teachers! In groups, we were given an information card about one of the following benefits of the river:

  • Leisure
  • Farming
  • Water
  • Habitat
  • Energy
  • Transportation

First, we created a presentation on the flip chart paper then we visited different groups and learnt key information. We then returned back to our group and reported our findings. 

2S learning in the afternoons

Our afternoons these last few weeks have included food tasting linking to our healthy eating, programming Bee-Bots in Computing and following recipes in English. The children have also looked at fruit and where it grows in the world. They have identified the seven continents and discussed different climates in Geography. So much fun to be had whilst learning!

Next week we look forward to making pizzas and writing our own recipes.

Geography in 6W

Today in geography we learnt about what to do to stay safe in an earthquake and looked at the three basic principles: drop, cover and hold on. We then looked at different scenarios and what to do in these.

Reading Buddies

It was fantastic to see the Reading Buddies get started yesterday. They listened to some of the younger children read and helped them with words they were unsure of. The enthusiasm was great and the KS1 children were thrilled. Teachers in the making…

Great Fire of London Excitement Year 2

It was great to see such enthusiasm for our History learning. This member of the class visited Pudding Lane where the fire began and climbed over 300 steps to the top of the monument over the weekend. She shared information about her trip to the class with confidence.

D&T in year 2

The children have planned their fire engines thinking about equipment and materials needed. Now they are busy creating the fire engines.

Play Leading in 5HS

5HS had a fabulous day learning to become Play Leaders. In the morning the focus was on the skills needed to lead and develop games and then in the afternoon they led Year 1 in the games they had created.

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