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6W Sports Day

Today was 6Ws final Sports Day and what a day it was! The children demonstrated all their skills but also our school values through our field and track events. Well done to all for being so physically fit for life!

Year 2 PSHE

Today in Year 2, we have shared photos of our older family members and been thinking about how they are special to us. The children used their photos to help draw their family and explained what they loved and respected about them. Thank you for sharing Year 2!

Discussing Greater Jihad in 6W

In RE, we discussed ways in which Muslims follow the teachings of Allah. We reflected on how some of these actions are more challenging than other actions and how this is part of a Muslim’s Greater Jihad.

Investigating shadows in 6W

In science Year 6 have been learning about light. To begin our unit of work we investigated shadows: why they were formed and the size and shapes of shadows. We went outside in the sunshine and investigated the shapes of our shadows and we learnt that our shadow will always be the same shape as the object creating the shadow – we even decided to do the YMCA with our shadows!

Working Scientifically in 6W

Today in science we carried out an experiment which required us to work scientifically. Our enquiry question was: How does changing the components in a circuit affect the loudness of a buzzer. We then planned our experiment, controlling our variables, before conducting our experiment using a decibel reader on the chrome book (and one of us had a decibel reader on our smartwatch). We then wrote up our results and conclusions.

6W – Positive Minds Week 3

Today we had our third Watford FC Positive Minds session and we looked at the link between our mental and physical health as well as how to cope with stressful situations. We looked at the different things we could do, depending on where we are, to help us with stressful situations we may experience. We then looked at some breathing exercises we could do, regardless of where we are.

Class 6O Working Scientifically

Today in science we planned and carried out an investigation to see how the volume of a buzzer could be affected within a series circuit. We considered a range of variables which could be changed and how we would make sure our tests were fair. We even had to use our problem solving skills to help fix our circuits when they weren’t working as expected!

Ark Farm Visit

Today Ark farm visited our Reception classes. There was a donkey, two goats, two ducks, some lambs, a pig and a farm dog. The children learnt lots of information about the animals and then were allowed into the pen a few at a time to meet the animals up close. The children were very excited about the experience and were able to recall some of the facts.

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