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Drama in Year 6

Today in English we were creatively fit for life whilst we performed a parody! We looked at our legend of Robin Hood and thought about how we could change some of the scenarios to add humour. We changed the relationships between the characters as well as the personalities of the different characters. We had to use a clear voice, face the audience, use expression as well as behaving as our character would. We thought they were excellent and provided some feedback in the form of peer assessment!

Science in 6W

Today we worked in groups to create a poster which described the way in which nutrients and water are transported in the body. We had to work together and ensure that we were clear in our explanations, using diagrams to support our explanations. Our posters are now on display in the classroom.

Computing in 5LH with Mrs Williams

This afternoon, I (Mrs Williams) was treated to an afternoon with 5LH. The children showed me how academically fit for life they were in our coding lesson, where we began using ‘if’ statements. Well done 5LH, I had a great afternoon with you.

Peer editing in Year 6

Today in English, Mrs Williams’ group worked together to peer edit our setting descriptions. We read one person’s work at a time, supporting each other with spelling and grammar errors, as well as suggesting ways in which we could improve our work, either through prepositions, personification or expanded noun phrases. We really enjoyed working together and improving our work together. We were extremely academically fit for life.

Netball in 6W

In netball this week we have been working on finding and using the space provided to help us with our skill of attacking. We scored points for every ball we caught in a set box and this ensured that we used the entire space of the court well. We also worked on our skill of shooting – ensuring that we did not use the backboard when shooting.

Negative Numbers in Year 6

This week we have begun our sequence of learning on negative numbers. On Monday, we calculated the difference between a positive and negative integer and then went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find our answers which were linked to a letter. Once we had collected all our letters, we created a word!

We then went on to use double sided counters to support us with adding and subtracting negative numbers. We found the concept of creating zero pairs challenging but the double sided counters supported us!

Queen visit in year 2

We were thrilled when The ‘Queen’ came to visit us as we are reading the book ‘The Queen’s Hat.’ We asked her questions about her life and found out so much information to help with our learning.

History in 6W

Yesterday the children in 6W began their new theme of Rich and Poor, which is focused around the Victorians. To begin the topic we created a timeline of British History, so we could see which events had happened before and after the Victorian era. We worked in pairs to complete our activity – look how well we were working together!

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