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Class 6O Acrylic winter scenes

In Year 6 we learnt how to use acrylic paint to blend and create a winter scene picture. We enjoyed being creatively fit for life and were very proud of our finished artwork.

Fitter Future workshop in Year 6

This morning Year 6 took part in a workshop from Fitter Future. We learnt strategies for managing stress and the importance of taking brain breaks; ensuring that we are physically and mentally fit for life.

3P’s Elf On The Shelf Mischief

While we were away from the classroom this weekend our class Elf got up to lots of activities.

He went back to the North Pole, he brought a new Christmas jumper and then he decided to have a play in our animal counters box! What else will he get up to this week? 3P are very excited to find out …

Christmas Craft in Class 6O

This afternoon we learnt to finger knit which really tested our resilience and patience! We created snowman, elf and Santa decorations for our class tree. We loved being creative and learning a new skill.

3P Enter the Great Bread Bake Off!

This week 3P learnt all about making bread. Then on Thursday they al got to make bread adding ingredients they had designed and planned. They all turned out brilliantly and perfectly baked.

3P you are all star bakers!!

Christmas has come to Reception!

Reception have been busy exploring all the new Christmas activities in the EYFS outdoor garden! They have been performing Christmas songs on the stage, making gingerbread men to sell in the shop and even sorting baubles!

Richard Long mud art 1T

Today in 1T we continued to learn about the artist Richard Long. Inspired by his natural art we explored printing using mud. We used different natural resources to make prints, some of us even used our hands!

Mud art

1S enjoyed printed using natural materials and mud. They were inspired by Richard Long’s pieces of art.

Year 3 Healthy Heroes

Year 3 were fortunate enough to enjoy a workshop where they explored what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. They explored how to keep mentally and physically fit through a healthy diet and exercise and ended the session off with some active games outdoors.

Computing in 6W

We linked our computing work with our theme of ‘Crime and Punishment’ to produce some graffiti tags on the programme Scratch. We had to code the letters to move, change shape, change colour or change size in different ways.

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