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1T- Learning about Shabbat

In our unit of RE we have been learning about Shabbat. We have been thinking about what happens during Shabbat and why it is important to Jewish children. Today we have experienced sharing special food together.

Year 6 Drama

Today in our English lesson we used drama to act out a scene from the text we are studying: Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. Later this week, we are going to be writing the scene from a particular character’s point of view. It was wonderful to see the children getting into the roles of the characters and being creatively fit for life.

Year 6 Positive Minds

As part of our positive minds workshop with Watford FC, we explored what it means to be resilient and how important it can be for our physical and mental health. We certainly enjoyed the ball and cup activity where we had to reach standing without dropping the cup or using our hands whilst others tried to distract us!

Year 6 Science

In year 6, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance in Science. We carried out an investigation based on Charles Darwin’s work with birds and were trying to find out which type of beak is most suited to picking up food sources.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went on an Easter egg hunt. We had to solve a series of maths problems and follow the clues to find our special treat! We had lots of fun.

Red Nose Day

Class 6O really enjoyed being superheroes today, thank you for your wonderfully creative costumes and donations.

Red Nose Day

RLH and RW have had a terrific day so far dressed as their favourite Superheroes. They all look fantastic! Well done for supporting children who need some extra help from us!

Three giants spotted in 1T!

Today, something strange happened in year one! After break, we found footprints and handprints in our classroom, as well as a big mess! We used decided that we needed to investigate. We used rulers to work out who the footprints and handprints belonged to. We discovered that three friendly giants had visited as they travelled home.

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