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Meet Aslan the Lion- Year 6

We worked together to each colour a mindful colouring page that when joined together created this beautiful lion. This links wonderfully with our creative week work on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and also helped us to learn about the importance of mindfulness and working together to create a finished product.

Visit to the pond!

This week, Reception enjoyed the awe and wonder of the outside world; visiting the school’s garden pond and marvelling at the many loud croaking frogs that had arrived.

Life cycle of a frog

After learning about the life cycle of a frog during lockdown learning, Class 1S were lucky enough to visit the school garden and see the pond bursting with life. They watched the frogs and identified frog spawn. We revisited the life cycle of frog and were impressed by the number of frogs happily jumping in the pond.

Class 6O Creative Week

We had a wonderful first day back in Class 6O and were fully engaged in our creative work on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. We certainly proved that we are academically, physically and creatively fit for life today! Firstly, using our imaginations and drama skills, we entered Narnia through the wardrobe and went exploring. We then wrote setting descriptions from the point of view of one of the characters in the text. Next, we invented our own Narnia landscapes, improving our planning, idea gathering and sketching in art. Finally, we brushed up on our batting skills in cricket and really improved our accuracy. Well done Class 6O and welcome back 🙂

World Book Day

Book characters have come alive in Year 3 today! We have had a fun morning talking about different authors and reading excerpts from some of our favourite books.

Class 1S Fact files

Miss Simmons is a very proud teacher today. Class 1S created a fact file about penguins after learning about non-fiction and the features we might find in a non-fiction book. The children became researchers and then presented their facts using sentences with capital letters and full stops.

Class 6O Acrylic winter scenes

In Year 6 we learnt how to use acrylic paint to blend and create a winter scene picture. We enjoyed being creatively fit for life and were very proud of our finished artwork.

Fitter Future workshop in Year 6

This morning Year 6 took part in a workshop from Fitter Future. We learnt strategies for managing stress and the importance of taking brain breaks; ensuring that we are physically and mentally fit for life.

3P’s Elf On The Shelf Mischief

While we were away from the classroom this weekend our class Elf got up to lots of activities.

He went back to the North Pole, he brought a new Christmas jumper and then he decided to have a play in our animal counters box! What else will he get up to this week? 3P are very excited to find out …

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