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Anyone for a Mud Pie?

We are loving our new digging area in the Nursery! Here we are learning lots of new skills such as taking turns, working collaboratively, how to use tools safely and so much more.

Enquiry-based Learning in Year 4

To introduce our new theme, ‘War in Watford’, Year 4 had the opportunity to explore some artefacts from The Watford Museum relating to World War II. We spent an afternoon examining the soldiers equipment, gas masks, articles from newspapers, first hand reports and so much more! We had so many questions and our enquiry-led learning has given us a huge opportunity to be academically fit for life!

A huge thank you to Miss Griggs, our History lead, for organising such a fun and informative afternoon.

Science in Year 4

Year 4 are really enjoying their ‘sound’ unit in Science. During this lesson we conducted a range of investigations based around how vibrations create sound. The children made some great predictions and their conclusions were built scientifically. Some children were able to consider how the space that the particles had to move often effected the pitch and volume of the sound.

May The Force Be With You!

In our Science lessons we have been learning about forces. This week we investigated different forces including magnetic forces. We also learned about friction and investigated how things move on different surfaces.

Year 6 Positive Minds

Class 6O really enjoyed their first session of the Positive Minds programme ran by Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust. Our coach really helped us to understand what mental health is, how it can fluctuate and the importance of having a safe environment to talk about mental health.

Planting and Growing

This week we have been exploring planting. We had great fun being gardeners and have planted sunflower seeds, mint, wildflowers and basil to use in our mud kitchen

Year 3 Science

We have been investigating how magnets attract some materials and not others today. We had a lot of fun using magnets!

Year 3W

We commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the Daily Mile today. We started with a lap doing the ‘Conga’ and then various other ways of travelling around the mile!

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