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Children’s Pledge

By the time I am 11, I will have…

  • had the chance to express my views on school issues and be listened to
  • had my academic, sporting or creative talents celebrated – at school or outside
  • taken part in a public event (with parents or others – for example talent show, assembly, either sports, dance or concert or visual arts)
  • taken part in a play or reading that involves either acting, speaking or helping with the production
  • been on an educational visit and had an opportunity for an overnight stay
  • helped others through voluntary activities
  • been to an artistic or sporting event … at a theatre, stadium or arena
  • learned about other cultures and faiths
  • worked with children from other schools in our Trust on a project, event or experience
  • experienced the wider curriculum, practical science and technology
  • learned to play a musical instrument

Year 5 children Maths Champions

Each year we take part in the Herts For Learning Year 5 Mathematics Challenge, which sees children across the county competing in a range of heats. This year we entered a team, comprising of 4 Year 5 pupils (Humza, Isobel, Jason and Manya) and this year, the heats were run virtually. Before the heat, the children had to complete the Memory round challenge and during the event the children had to work together in two General Knowledge rounds and an Estimation round. Before the event, the children spent time after school preparing for the first round which took place on Tuesday 27th April. There were a number of rounds and with the event taking place virtually, even more schools from across the country were able to take part, with over 250 schools taking part in total. After all of the rounds, Orchard were in 1st place and through to the final which took place on Thursday 27th May. Again, the children prepared for the event and this time, they had an additional challenge to complete before the event which consisted of two problems to solve. The event saw the top 26 teams compete, again in two general knowledge rounds and an estimation round. With a score of 278 out of 300, Orchard were named winners of the event and we are so proud of the children who took part!

Mrs Williams – Maths Subject Leader
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