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Maths in Year 2

We are really enjoying our learning about place value in maths and are beginning to recognise a number of ways to partition numbers to 100 using base 10 and part-whole models. We love practical maths as it helps us to understand things better!

English in Year 2

We have had lots of fun kick starting our first English unit, based on the book ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Anthony. We had a very special visit from a Queen that we are all quite familiar with… Mrs Newlan! Not only does she have many royal roles in our school, she also knows lots about our late Queen Elizabeth and helped us to get a better understanding of the main character in our story. We look forward to writing all about the Queen’s adventures through London!

Multi sports with children from Holy Rood School

Year 2 enjoyed getting stuck into lots of sports with the year two children from Holy Rood. They behaved so well, cheering each other on and supporting one another. A huge thank you to Mr Greenstreet for setting up the events and another huge thank you to the year 6 sports ambassadors for leading them.

D&T in Year 2

We enjoyed our D&T lesson in 2M this week where we were asked to design a new healthy pizza for Pizza Huts new menu! We learnt many new cooking skills when making our dough from scratch such as weighing, stirring, pouring, kneading and rolling, we also enjoyed adding our choice of toppings after chopping all of the vegetables ourselves, but most of all we enjoyed trying the product that we had put so much hard work into (designing, making and evaluating)!

Safer Internet Day

In 2M we explored some scenarios that might occur when we are online. We worked together to solve these, applying what we had learnt. We now know not share personal information, to only interact with people that we know in real life and to talk to a trusted adult if something doesn’t seem safe.

Please remember to keep your children safe online!

Art in Year 2

In our art lessons this term, we have been studying the works of Kandinsky and Bowling. Earlier in the week we experimented with adding white and black to primary colours to explore tints and shades. Today, we will each create a small piece of art inspired by Kandinsky to create a combined final piece – we can’t wait to share this with you!

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