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1T Multi-Sports

1T really enjoyed our multi-sports session this morning! We used lots of the skills learnt this year in PE to participate in the different sporting events. Well done for being physically fit for life!

Year 2 PSHE

Today in Year 2, we have shared photos of our older family members and been thinking about how they are special to us. The children used their photos to help draw their family and explained what they loved and respected about them. Thank you for sharing Year 2!

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Homework

Well done to the children in 1T, who have been both creatively and academically fit for life when completing this homework! The children were asked to research an event relating to any king or queen in British History and share it in anyway they wished. This homework will be entered into the Agora Partnership-wide competition. Good luck to all of those who have submitted their homework!

1T trip to Whipsnade

1T thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Whipsnade Zoo! We were able to see many animals from different parts of the world and we even learnt some wonderful facts about penguins and flamingos! We will be using our learning to stimulate our non-fiction writing, where we will be creating a travel journal in which we see many exotic animals. A big thank you to the PTA, who’s Rainbow Raffle subsidised the trip. What a wonderful day, we made some brilliant memories.  

Year capacity and volume

In Year One today we were learning about capacity and volume. We were making potions from a recipe that each group had to independently follow. Luckily no ones potions exploded!

Design and Technology- Making our houses 1T

Today we began making our houses in D&T. Firstly, we discussed our group plans and gathered the materials we needed to start making our houses. Then we began using different joins to build the inside of our houses. We used lots of different techniques and skills and worked well as a team!

Design and Technology in 1T

This half-term we will be creating a house in D&T. Today we started learning about different ways of joining and combining materials. We enjoyed using some of our new skills to create furniture to go inside our houses!

Being healthy

Year 2 were learning about being healthy in Science today. A doctor came to visit to remind us of the importance of hygiene, healthy food, exercise and a healthy mind. We listened carefully and asked questions.

1T Christmas party

1T really enjoyed our Christmas party today! We played a couple of games and then tucked into our yummy sweets provided by the PTA. We all had lots of fun getting into the festive spirit! Thank you for all your donations for the sweets.

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