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1T Children in Need

1T workout for Children in Need! 1T were very excited to come to school in their onesies and pyjamas. This morning we spent some time discussing why we donate money to CIN and how our contributions can help other children. Thank you for all your generous donations!

Year 1 RE- Nature Mobiles

In Year 1 we have been looking at the Christian story of creation and thinking about how God wants Christians to look after the world. As a reminder for us to all look after the world we have made natural mobiles.

Year 1’s trip to Cheslyn Gardens

Today in Year 1 we visited Cheslyn Gardens. We learnt about the history of Cheslyn House and why it is open to the public. We also looked for signs of autumn and the seasonal changes on our walk to and around the gardens. We particularly looking at the fish and birds as well as discovering unusual plants. A big thank you to our parent helpers for your support.

1T Sports Day

Year one had a fantastic time competing in their sports day events. We all took turns in running races and worked hard in our teams. We participated in an egg and spoon, skipping, and space hopper race. All the children tried their best and supported one another. Well done 1T for being physically fit for life!

1T- Art

This week we have been developing our drawing skills. We have spent time sketching each part of the tree, focusing on the lines, shapes and shading we could see. This afternoon we went outside to apply our new skills creating a final piece of art work.

English in Year One

Today in English we shared our fantasy stories with our friends. Our friends then offered us some feedback, telling us what they liked about our writing.

1T- Learning about Shabbat

In our unit of RE we have been learning about Shabbat. We have been thinking about what happens during Shabbat and why it is important to Jewish children. Today we have experienced sharing special food together.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went on an Easter egg hunt. We had to solve a series of maths problems and follow the clues to find our special treat! We had lots of fun.

Life cycle of a frog

After learning about the life cycle of a frog during lockdown learning, Class 1S were lucky enough to visit the school garden and see the pond bursting with life. They watched the frogs and identified frog spawn. We revisited the life cycle of frog and were impressed by the number of frogs happily jumping in the pond.

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