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Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went on an Easter egg hunt. We had to solve a series of maths problems and follow the clues to find our special treat! We had lots of fun.

Life cycle of a frog

After learning about the life cycle of a frog during lockdown learning, Class 1S were lucky enough to visit the school garden and see the pond bursting with life. They watched the frogs and identified frog spawn. We revisited the life cycle of frog and were impressed by the number of frogs happily jumping in the pond.

Children in Need

1T enjoyed raising money for Children in Need on Friday. We started the day with a Joe Wicks work out, as well as completing some beautiful pieces of artwork too. We learnt about charities and how the money raised helps other children. Thank you for all your generous donations.

Children in Need 1S

We joined in with the 24 hour workout with Joe Wicks this morning wearing our spotty clothes and Pudsey ears. We had so much fun but also know about charities and how our money helps other children.

Remembrance Day

Class 1S know about why we wear poppies on the 11th November and took part in the 2 minutes silence at 11AM.

They created a piece of art representing this special day and did some writing too.

History of toys

Year One have been learning about how toys have changed over time. We are looking at how long teddy bears have been a toy for and the changes that have happened. It is so great to see so many Year 1 children accessing Google Classroom and posting photos of their modern teddy bears.

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