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Year 3 Maths

Year 3 have been dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Today we worked in pairs and used counters to learn how to divide numbers which have a remainder.

Being physically fit for life in 6W during our cricket lesson.

In PE today we begun our new topic of cricket, in preparation for the kwik cricket festival in March. We worked on many skills during our lesson today: decision making as a batter when making runs, throwing the ball accurately to our team mate when fielding and being ready and prepared to catch the ball when working as a wicket keeper. We all reflected on the skills we were focusing on today and decided which ones were our strengths and which ones we needed to focus on during the next few sessions

RE in Class 6O

Our RE enquiry this term is all about exploring the idea of eternity and what this means for Christians. To start our investigation, we discussed what we thought enternity meant and whether we believed that things could last forever. We worked in groups to sort a range of ideas, objects, people and places into categories and discussed whether they would be everlasting. We enjoying challenging our thinking and being philosophers!

Cricket in 6G

Yesterday’s PE lesson was the start of our new spring unit which is cricket. The children were extremely excited to start this unit and I can see we have some keen cricketers in 6G. We played an activity where the children had to make quick decisions which are vital when playing cricket.

Year 6 Christmas Party🎄

Year 6 really enjoyed their party this afternoon. We played games, dances and had our sweets from the PTA – thank you to all the PTA for organising.

Winter Art in Class 6O

We throughly enjoyed being creatively fit for life by exploring using acrylic paints and techniques to create some beautiful winter scenes in art.


We have been very busy this week and had a lot of fun with all of our Christmas activities. We have sung carols, made Christmas decorations and cards, built snowmen (not real ones of course!) and completed a Christmas quiz amongst other activities as well!

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