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Year 3

Year 3 Design and Technology

Year 3 have gathered ideas and designed a moving monster using a pneumatic system! They have also used software to represent their designs in ICT. They then had to choose their materials and construct them using techniques to build or modify them. This has taken us a few weeks but the results are tremendous!! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 PE

The rain did not prevent us from missing out on our PE lesson. We completed Fitter Future sessions including some Just Dance to get our heart rates up!!

May The Force Be With You!

In our Science lessons we have been learning about forces. This week we investigated different forces including magnetic forces. We also learned about friction and investigated how things move on different surfaces.

Year 3 Science

We have been investigating how magnets attract some materials and not others today. We had a lot of fun using magnets!

Year 3W

We commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the Daily Mile today. We started with a lap doing the ‘Conga’ and then various other ways of travelling around the mile!

Year 3W Geography Fieldwork

As part of our Wonderful World Theme we walked to our local shops this afternoon to complete an Environmental Quality Survey. We observed the physical and human features of the area and discussed ways that we could like improve the area. We came up with many sideas and will be writing a letter to the council to see if they will consider our suggestions.

Year 3 Comic Relief

Year 3 are having a fantastic day of fun dressed as Superheroes! We have enjoyed a Danceathon and a Red Nose day Quiz. We have also thought about the reasons why we collect money on Red Nose Day to help those who need it most!

3A Science

3A have been revising the parts of a plant and investigating the functions of these parts. We used our findings and what we have learnt to figure out what part of a plant each vegetable was.

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