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Year 3 - 2. page

Year 3 Geography

Year 3 were extremely lucky today to have a guest speaker, Mr Adams, who has lived in Watford for 70 years. Mr Adams spoke to the classes about the changes he has witnessed over the years. It was great to listen to the changes that have happened in our local area. Year 3 were very engaged, listening to every word and asked some great questions at the end. Well done!

Daily Mile

Taking a break from our work this afternoon to work on our fitness! We’ve had a busy first week back after half term with lots of hard work! We have focused a lot on Healthy bodies through exercise this week during PE and PSHE.

Year 3W English

Today we have been consolidating our learning about the correct use of inverted commas when using direct speech. We had some interesting dialogue happening!

Year 3 Maths

Year 3 have been dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Today we worked in pairs and used counters to learn how to divide numbers which have a remainder.


We have been very busy this week and had a lot of fun with all of our Christmas activities. We have sung carols, made Christmas decorations and cards, built snowmen (not real ones of course!) and completed a Christmas quiz amongst other activities as well!

Year 3 PE

The rain did not stop us from keeping physically fit this afternoon. We couldn’t play football outside but we completed two Fitter Future workouts!!

Year 3 Times Tables

We have been practising our times tables today using various manipulatives including card games, dominoes, counters and blocks.

3A Times Table Fun

3A are having great fun this morning playing snakes and ladders! However, the catch is that they need to use their times tables knowledge to progress up the board!

Year 3 Children in Need Day

Lots of lovely pyjamas of all kinds today! We had a really fun day which started with a Joe Wicks workout! We also remembered children who are not as fortunate as ourselves and how we can play our part to help.

Climate Change Day

Today we have been talking about the skills and knowledge we need to deal with the challenges that our planet is facing. We explored the fact that we are the future generation that can make changes that will last!

We have made 3-D posters that will challenge and remind people to think about our planet and to make changes that will create a world where nature and humans can live side by side, harmoniously.

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