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Year 3 Healthy Heroes Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed a workshop presented by The School Sports Partnership where they used their teamwork skills and learned more about how to become physically, mentally and socially fit.

3A’s Stone Age Discovery Day

3A have had a lovely day at Lee Valley today, taking part in lots of different activities exploring Stone Age. We created a human timeline exploring prehistory. We were creative and made our very own cave paintings using charcoal. We became archeologists looking at different artefacts to understand the different stages of Stone Age and we even had a go at making our own fires using flint! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day as lovely as it was!

Year 3 Stone Age Discovery Day

Year 3 have had an amazing day taking part in activities exploring the Stone Age. We created a timeline from early man to the Iron Age and looked at artefacts to understand the different ages of the Stone Age. We looked at early art techniques and completed our own cave art drawing. We also explored firelighting and had a go at making our own fire!

Making Clay Pots

This afternoon 3A have been busy making our very own clay pots! This links really well with our theme in which we have been researching the Stone Age.

3A Art & History

At the end of last week 3A explored Stone Age cave painting. We had a go ourselves making paint out of mud, water and food colouring and used twigs as paint brushes! It was lots of fun, but a little bit messy!

Maths in Year 3W

We have been consolidating all of our place value learning today using base ten to make robots representing 3-digit numbers.

Reading in Year 3W

We have been enjoying our reading in Year 3 and many of us have started to read some of the wonderful books on the Reading Passport.

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