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Year 4

Rapid Fire Cricket in 4N

4N loved their stay active session today where they learnt all about Rapid Fire Cricket. They were able to practice and improve their catching skills, learning tips of how to catch with one hand, as well as their batting and fielding skills.

Sewing in 4N

In Design and Technology, the children were learning about different sewing techniques, particularly the backstitch. We spoke about what this looks like and why it is used and then spent the lesson practising our skills using binca. From the lesson, it was clear that 4N has some fantastic future seamstresses!

Debate in Class 4N

Yesterday in English, to introduce the topic of balanced arguments, the class had a debate covering the topic ‘Football Should Be Banned’. The children all got involved, sharing their points clearly and explaining them well. We finished the lesson by the children constructing their own point of view on the topic.

Y4 Dance Festival

In a world where toys are controlled by their owners, where their personality is hidden and individuality masked by the decisions of their owners, it is time for a change. Year 4 performed Toy by Netra at the recent dance festival, hosted and organised by The Watford and Three Rivers Sports Partnership, portraying the actions of these toys who have now found their voice and expressing themselves as individuals! We are so proud of how hard all the children worked during rehearsals for this festival; you were fantastic and certainly physically and creatively fit for life! Thank you as always to Unity 3 for their amazing choreography! 

Year 4 Science

In Year 4 this half term, we have been learning about living things and completed an enquiry lesson to explore the living things in our local area. The children asked questions about, observed and recorded the information they found, leading to further discussions about animal and plant habitats. The children were definitely academically fit for life throughout the sessions!

Year 4 Black History Month

In Year 4, we have been exploring a variety of different black influential figures, learning about their background and what legacy they left behind. In groups, the children then researched the influential figure they were most interested in, exploring in more detail why they are famous and the hardships that some figures experienced.

Year 4 Art

In Year 4, we have been exploring the work of French painter Henri Rousseau. The children have been creatively fit for life by producing a piece of art work inspired by Rousseau and the rainforest. Children used watercolour to paint their backdrop, added finer details and then used their printing block to create a repeated pattern.

Year 4 House Rounders

Year 4 enjoyed their House Rounders Tournament this morning, where they showed great sportsmanship and demonstrated all the skills and rules they had learned during PE lessons. All of our children played incredibly well, but of course there has to be winner, which was… Bramley! Well done!

Enquiry-based Learning in Year 4

To introduce our new theme, ‘War in Watford’, Year 4 had the opportunity to explore some artefacts from The Watford Museum relating to World War II. We spent an afternoon examining the soldiers equipment, gas masks, articles from newspapers, first hand reports and so much more! We had so many questions and our enquiry-led learning has given us a huge opportunity to be academically fit for life!

A huge thank you to Miss Griggs, our History lead, for organising such a fun and informative afternoon.

Science in Year 4

Year 4 are really enjoying their ‘sound’ unit in Science. During this lesson we conducted a range of investigations based around how vibrations create sound. The children made some great predictions and their conclusions were built scientifically. Some children were able to consider how the space that the particles had to move often effected the pitch and volume of the sound.

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