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Year 4 English

To finish our fiction unit in English, we enjoyed an experience day where we had to work as a team, collect resources, build a raft and ensure it could float to help us recognise and understand the struggles of our main character throughout her journey to find a rare species of whale! As you can see, all of our rafts were successful and we were excited to include our personal experiences in our story.

Year 4 PSHE

In PSHE, Year 4 were working together to achieve a common goal – detangle themselves without letting go of each other! Year 4 showed great resilience and perseverance as the goal became harder to achieve when the groups became larger – keep up the good work Year 4!

Dance in Year 4

We are really enjoying creating movements in pairs using improvisation in our PE lessons. We are beginning to choreograph ideas into a sequence based on each lessons focus, this week we were thinking about Greek battles and how we could incorporate technical movements with control and balance inspired by battle actions.

Year 4 Science

In Science, Year 4 have been exploring condensation and evaporation. We completed an investigation to see what would happen when an ice cube was placed on top of a beaker of warm water with clingfilm on. The children discovered that condensation formed on the underside of the clingfilm due to the steam making contact with a cooler surface. Keep up the great work Year 4!

Year 4 Anti-Bullying Activity

This afternoon in Year 4, we were exploring what makes us unique and special. We discussed what diversity and discrimination mean, and what we should do if we see people being unkind to others. Year 4 then designed their own odd socks to represent the children being different!

Year 4 Maths

In Year 4 today, we were exploring perimeter. We discussed outside that perimeter is the length around a closed 2-D shape, then marched around the netball court to demonstrate this. When we returned to the classroom, we used wool to measure the distance around various shapes, showing tremendous teamwork skills with our partner! Keep it up Year 4!

Science in Year 4

We have started a new unit in science called ‘States of Matter’. Our first lesson involved understanding the properties of solids and liquids and identifying which items would be classified as a solid and which would be a liquid.

Rice was a tricky one because when we poured lots of grains into a different container it took the shape (which is what we defined a liquid as). However, we soon realised that each individual grain of rice was a fixed shape and the atoms inside did not have space to move, unlike liquids.

Art in Year 4 (continuted)

As promised, here are some examples of our final two art lessons from last term.

The children used acrylic paint to add finer details to their Henri Rousseau inspired art work. They then created a printing block using a small slab of cardboard and string to create a pattern that could be repeated in their rainforest design. The children used the patterns that they had observed in nature to inspire their own designs. We then applied paint and printed onto our final pieces.

Great work Year 4 and a very fun end to last half term!

Art in Year 4

Today we started to create our Henri Rousseau inspired artwork. Tomorrow we will be adding the finer details from our plans. We can’t wait to show you!

Science in Year 4

In Year 4, we have been recognising that changes to an environment can be dangerous to living things and beginning to understand what can be done to reverse some of these changes. In our experiment, we discussed what the difference was between our two environments, identifying that one had the trees cut down. We predicted what we thought would happen when the water was poured on the environments, with children using words and phrases such as ‘flooding’, ‘mud slide’ and ‘soil erosion’ to support their reasoning. Keep this up and you will be academically fit for life!

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