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Easter Fun in Year 4

Today, Year 4 were surprised with an Easter scavenger hunt. The children had to work in pairs to find images that had been hidden around the school field and daily mile track. Each image contained a letter and the children had to decode a secret message.

The children showed great resilience, brilliant team working skills and had lots of fun!

Music in Year 4

In Year 4 we have been exploring soul music. For the final week, we came together to do a year group performance of the song ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers.

Sewing in Year 4

In Year 4 we have been working hard to create our own purses/wallets using one piece of material. The children worked really hard threading needles, tying knots and using back stitch, considering seam allowance to ensure their purses could be reversed to make a professional looking product.

In Year 4, we strive to be creatively fit for life.

Year 4 PSHE

In PSHE, Year 4 demonstrated tremendous teamwork skills as they took part in a competition to create the funniest potato person. They were tasked with designing and making the potato person, along with providing the potato person with a funny personality. All groups showed resourcefulness in how to create the funniest potato person – keep up the wonderful work Year 4.

Year 4 Ancient Greek Vases

Before half term, Year 4 were studying the Greeks and were creatively fit for life when designing and making their own ancient artefact. We used a balloon to create the belly and some cardboard to attach the neck, base and handles. We then used ‘art Roc’ to sculpt this into a smooth vase. We used our knowledge of ancient Greece to inspire our designs and some of us incorporated other areas of our learning such as the Greek Gods, the Olympics and the story of the Trojan horse. Year 4 demonstrated resilience during this fun yet challenging activity!

Safer Internet Day in Year 4

Year 4 really enjoyed learning about the ways to keep safe online during our ‘Safer Internet Day’ yesterday. We created posters outlining the do’s and don’t’s of online behaviours. Our posters will help spread the word on what to do if anyone is ever feeling unsafe online!

Year 4 Quick Fire Cricket

Last week, Year 4 were taught the skills of batting and fielding needed for Quick Fire Cricket – a good introduction to the game of cricket. Once they were taught the skills, the children participated in a competitive game. We were very impressed with the cricket skills demonstrated and the teamwork displayed, despite this being the first time many of them had played any form of cricket! Keep up the great resilience Year 4!

Year 4 English

To finish our fiction unit in English, we enjoyed an experience day where we had to work as a team, collect resources, build a raft and ensure it could float to help us recognise and understand the struggles of our main character throughout her journey to find a rare species of whale! As you can see, all of our rafts were successful and we were excited to include our personal experiences in our story.

Year 4 PSHE

In PSHE, Year 4 were working together to achieve a common goal – detangle themselves without letting go of each other! Year 4 showed great resilience and perseverance as the goal became harder to achieve when the groups became larger – keep up the good work Year 4!

Dance in Year 4

We are really enjoying creating movements in pairs using improvisation in our PE lessons. We are beginning to choreograph ideas into a sequence based on each lessons focus, this week we were thinking about Greek battles and how we could incorporate technical movements with control and balance inspired by battle actions.

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