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Year 5

Year 5 Space Dance

In Year 5 we created repeating motifs for our dance based on the theme of space. Watch us as during our initial ideas phase as we explore how different movements can represent different emotions.

Year 5 Tag Rugby

Year 5 enjoyed a Tag Rugby against other local schools. Well done to everyone involved, you all played very well!

Internet Safety in Year 5

5LH and 5DH both took part in Internet Safety Day 2022. We discussed how to stay safe on our favourite online games and what to do if we are uncomfortable. After our conversation we designed in-game mascots that share key online safety advice when players first enter a game.

Shakespeare in Year 5

Year 5 had an amazing day today with Konflux Theatre Group taking part in drama performances of plays by William Shakespeare. We became soldiers in a scene from MacBeth before visiting the forest as fairies from Midsummer Nights Dream and finally went to sea as the ship and waves from The Tempest. We were able to quote extracts from the plays to make our acting really come to life. We had learnt a great deal about William Shakespeare and the Globe theatre but really understood how his plays are still popular today from speaking his words and becoming actors for the day

Gymnastic Sequences in 5LH

Ahead of our final performance next week, we designed and practiced paired sequences using counter balance and counter tension. To extend our balances we thought about the use of different levels, working in cannon or in unison. We then performed our sequences to another pair who gave us helpful feedback we can use to make it even better next week.

All About the Anglo-Saxons

After our lesson today on the way Anglo-Saxons lived, two pupils shared with us a presentation they made. They told us many interesting facts from what they ate to their strange laws.

Computing in 5LH with Mrs Williams

This afternoon, I (Mrs Williams) was treated to an afternoon with 5LH. The children showed me how academically fit for life they were in our coding lesson, where we began using ‘if’ statements. Well done 5LH, I had a great afternoon with you.

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