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Year 6 - 2. page

Working Scientifically in 6G

We carried out an investigation for our last lesson on electricity. We loved creating different circuits and we showed resilience as our circuits did not always work. We were able to become scientists as we thought about fair testing, made conclusions and found patterns.

Working Scientifically in 6W

Today in science we carried out an experiment which required us to work scientifically. Our enquiry question was: How does changing the components in a circuit affect the loudness of a buzzer. We then planned our experiment, controlling our variables, before conducting our experiment using a decibel reader on the chrome book (and one of us had a decibel reader on our smartwatch). We then wrote up our results and conclusions.

Art in 6G

Today we explored the qualities of different materials and how they might be used to enhance our ideas. Following on from on art lesson on Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art, we were creating our own ben day dot designs. We were allowed to use a variety of materials to see which would work best. We used compasses, pencils, bubble wrap and tooth picks to create the dots but we had to make sure the dots were accurately in a triangular design- this wasn’t easy. We enjoyed becoming artists and exploring and experimenting our ideas.

6W – Positive Minds Week 3

Today we had our third Watford FC Positive Minds session and we looked at the link between our mental and physical health as well as how to cope with stressful situations. We looked at the different things we could do, depending on where we are, to help us with stressful situations we may experience. We then looked at some breathing exercises we could do, regardless of where we are.

Class 6O Working Scientifically

Today in science we planned and carried out an investigation to see how the volume of a buzzer could be affected within a series circuit. We considered a range of variables which could be changed and how we would make sure our tests were fair. We even had to use our problem solving skills to help fix our circuits when they weren’t working as expected!

Watford FC Positive Minds – 6G

Today we had a brilliant session from Jo where we looked at the correlation between physical and mental health. We looked at how our physical and mental health changes over time if we don’t look after ourselves.

Year 6 Positive Minds

Class 6O really enjoyed their first session of the Positive Minds programme ran by Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust. Our coach really helped us to understand what mental health is, how it can fluctuate and the importance of having a safe environment to talk about mental health.

The Daily Mile Year 6

This morning year 6 enjoyed being physically fit for life by celebrating 10 years of the Daily mile. We had great fun coming up with inventive ways to travel including: the Superman, monkey walks and even a whole year group conga!

English in Year 6

Over the last couple of lessons, we have been learning about persuasive writing features whilst looking specifically at Narnia and the characters within the story. We used what we had learned to write a persuasive speech in groups and then we even created performances to recreate it! We had so much fun learning through drama and reading.

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