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Year 6 - 2. page

Art in Class 6O

This week in our art lesson, we created our final design plans for our William Morris inspired lino printing tiles. We had to think carefully about how we arranged our tiles using line and rotational symmetry. We also experiemented with using the tools we will need to carve our lino tiles- the carving tool was sharp and needed to be used sensibily and safely. We’re looking forward to carving our final designs next week!

Lino tile art in 6W

In art this week we experimented with different types of symmetry before choosing the patterns for our lino tile designs. We had to decide upon the bottom and top layer, choosing different types of symmetry. We then experimented with using the tools to carve out tiles using lino. Next week we will carve our tiles and put into practise all we have learnt.

RE in Class 6O

This week in RE, we explored the five pillars of Islam by carrying out research in groups and presenting this to this class.

Maths in 6W

Yesterday we worked on our reasoning and problem solving skills in relation to factors and multiples. We were challenged with complex problems which required us to use a trail and error approach at times. We had mathematical sentence starters to help us frame our conversations with our partners. We are certainly academically fit for life!

Art in 6W

Today we used our William Morris inspired pieces from last lesson to design our lino tile. We ensured we had pieces inspired by nature, just like William Morris and then experimented with layering to help choose our colours for our final piece! We think our work looks amazing and we’re excited to see the final pieces!

Indoor PE in class 6O

This week we explored creating a matching sequence with our partner, incorporating the use of apparatus. We needed to include a jump, roll and travelling movement and also perform some of our movements in unison and cannon.

English in Class 6O

Today we kicked off our new English unit: Hansel and Gretel with some drama. We read the beginning of the classic tale and then created freeze frames of the key events to help us understand the story. Can you work out which characters we are and what events we are recreating?

The first day of 6W

Today was the first day of 6W! We wrote cards to our future selves to open on the last day of the school year, with our hopes and dreams for the year and questions to ask ourselves at the end of the year. We’re going to work extremely hard to ensure we achieve all we set out to this year!

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