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Year 6 - 3. page

Year 6 Comic Relief

Year 6 enjoyed raising money for Comic Relief. We dressed as superheroes, took part in a dance-a-thon, took part in quizzes in class as well as watching the quiz at the end of the day between Mr Williams and Mr Sutton.

English in 6W

In English today we analysed our text for persuasive features. We added to the working wall the features used in persuasive texts which included intensifiers, exaggeration, rhetorical questions, emotive language, rules of 3, personals pronouns and repetition. We then worked in groups to write a persuasive letter from the Queen to the children.

Tennis in 6W

Today we began our new unit of learning in PE which is tennis. We began the lesson by refining our skills with a racket, controlling the ball before refining our forehand and backhand. We learnt that the racket needs to face where we want the ball to go and that we need to stand side on when playing. We then worked in pairs, seeing if we could return the ball using either our forehand or backhand.

DT in 6W

This week we began cutting our pieces of wood, ready to assemble into our shelters fit for a disaster! We were careful when cutting our pieces of wood and refined the finish by sanding our cut pieces and ensuring they were the correct length.

PSHE in 6G

Over the last couple of lessons, we have been learning about empathising with people who are living in difficult situations. We created a charity event of a researched and chosen charity. Today we set the classroom up like a gallery and we had all of our charity events on show. We walked around, looking at the events and made sure that we created a compliment for our peers’ work. This was a rewarding and uplifting lesson because we saw our work being praised and we were able to give out compliments as well.

Natural History Workshop in Class 6O

Today we took part in a virtual workshop from The Natural History Museum which explored the concept of Evolution; a topic we have been learning about in Science this term. We were fascinated by the timeline which explored fossil evidence from the past and also became detectives when examining bones and looking at adaptations which occurred over time. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to put all of the knowledge we have gained into action.

Investigating materials in 6G

We explored and investigated an array of different materials and fabrics in today’s DT lesson. We thought about the qualities of these materials and discussed how the materials could be used or suited to the purpose of our task- designing and creating a disaster shelter.

6G Beak adaptations

Today we put our knowledge and understanding to the test. We have been learning all about adaptation and how species evolve over time and why they evolve. In today’s lesson, we investigated using a beak to collect different food types. The children soon realised that they could not pick up all the food types so they had to think carefully about how they will adapt their beak. There were successes and there were failures but that’s the whole point of learning! Brilliant work today 6G!

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