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Y4 Dance Festival

In a world where toys are controlled by their owners, where their personality is hidden and individuality masked by the decisions of their owners, it is time for a change. Year 4 performed Toy by Netra at the recent dance festival, hosted and organised by The Watford and Three Rivers Sports Partnership, portraying the actions of these toys who have now found their voice and expressing themselves as individuals! We are so proud of how hard all the children worked during rehearsals for this festival; you were fantastic and certainly physically and creatively fit for life! Thank you as always to Unity 3 for their amazing choreography! 

1M Bird Feeder Experience Day

Today in Year 1 we had an experience day in English. We created bird feeders as we have been writing all about our woodland walk to Cheslyn Gardens. The children (and staff) loved this very messy activity! Thank you to all the children that brought in the pinecones for this activity.

Electric Umbrella Workshop for 3G & 3A

Year 3 had an amazing afternoon yesterday as we were lucky enough to have a workshop from Electric Umbrella. We sung lots of songs and we looked closely at all the wonderful things that make us unique and special! Even the teachers got up for a sing song!

Year 5 English experience lesson

In Year 5 we are reading Scott of the Antarctic. To get us inspired and to give us a flavour of what it must have been like, we created freeze frames based on original photographs. Here are a few of our intrepid Year 5 explorers!

Year 1M Cheslyn Gardens

We had an amazing time at Cheslyn gardens this morning. We were able to explore the grounds and discover new and unusual plants and how their appearance might change within Autumn. We also saw one of Watford’s historic buildings, Cheslyn house in which the children have been learning about in our history lessons.

Black History Month Visit in 3G

Yesterday, we had an amazing talk from Princess where we got to learn all about Jamaica, Jamaican heritage, history and culture. It was a brilliant experience all round as the children got an insight into Black History. It was great to see all of the children so engaged and eager to try all of the different foods from okra, plantain, coconut and much more! From 3G we thank Princess for taking the time to come and celebrate with us!

Science Investigations

Last half term, we looked at fossils and types of rocks. We made our own ‘fossils’ to understand the process of fossilization and we even had a chance to investigate different types of rocks from marble, granite and limestone!

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