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Year 5 Science

Continuing our learning on forces, we have been exploring the use of pulleys and levers and have had a great time this afternoon making and testing catapults.

Year 2 SATS week

Year 2 worked incredibly hard this week as they always do whilst completing the Year Two SATs.

We are very proud of them. They came into school with big smiles as they looked forward to having breakfast together.

Year 5 Science

This afternoon we have been investigating the effects of air resistance by designing the ‘perfect parachute’ for delivering our skydiving camel to the ground safely!

Creative writing competition

We had so many entries for creative writing. Over 70 across the school. After a lot of thought, 4 winners were chosen. They shared their story in assembly, recieved a certificate and a book. Thank you to all that entered. It was fantastic to see such creativity!

1M English

Today in English, the children in 1M were learning the story of Pinocchio. In their partners, they were using drama to become puppets.

Maths workshop in Year 2

Year Two worked together this afternoon to solve problems. They showed team work, good communication and resilience. Lots of cheers and laughter was heard as puzzles were being solved!

Year 5 Science Week

This afternoon, Year 5 have been budding bridge builders – tasked with designing the best bridge using only 5 sheets of paper and two pieces of sticky tape. Our maximum weight recorded was 10 glue sticks. Great building Year 5!

Phonics Workshop today

It was great to see parents this morning as we discussed the Phonics Screening Check and strategies that we use to support the development of reading skills.

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