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Year 6 RE

Today in RE, Year 6 enjoyed a Q&A session where they were able to find out first hand what life for a Muslim entails.


This morning year 2 have been very creatively active learning about AND creating Aboriginal Art. They’ve used dot paintings and intricately created colour patterns!

Year 1 RE

Today in RE, we worked collaboratively to create a set of Shabbat items and thought about how they are used and why they are important for celebrating Shabbat. Super creative work Year 1 – well done!

Ark Farm Visit

Today Ark farm visited our Reception classes. There was a donkey, two goats, two ducks, some lambs, a pig and a farm dog. The children learnt lots of information about the animals and then were allowed into the pen a few at a time to meet the animals up close. The children were very excited about the experience and were able to recall some of the facts.

Anyone for a Mud Pie?

We are loving our new digging area in the Nursery! Here we are learning lots of new skills such as taking turns, working collaboratively, how to use tools safely and so much more.

Preparing for sports day

Class 2S have been preparing for sports day by working on their technique of throwing the discus and javelin. It was great to see improvements with each throw. Much better aim and control.

Class 2s are certainly physically fir for life!

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