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Year 1 PSHE Lesson on Road Safety

Last Friday, Year 1 took part in a very creative Road Safety Lesson. They first had a lovely story shared livestream by our council’s traffic officer, Cathy. Then Mrs Newlan explained how to safely cross a road and finally Mr Greenstreet helped children role play crossing the road safely, whilst Mrs Khan drove around her ‘silent, electric car’! An important safety lesson was learned by all!

Pizza making in 2S

We started our day by making dough and then created a pizza. We designed it first thinking about some vegetables we could add to the toppings and then developed some cutting skills in D&T. We also discussed the food groups and how different foods keep different parts of our body healthy.

2S were pleased with the finished result. I hope they taste as good as they look!

Shrove Tuesday

Last week in our Key Stage one assembly, we focused on Shrove Tuesday and lent. We discussed why we have a day dedicated to pancakes and how this is the start of an important time for Christians.

We finished the assembly by flipping pancakes. Thank you Miss Bird for and fun and knowledgeable assembly.

Year 3 Maths

Year 3 really enjoyed working practically this morning, experimenting with making wholes and parts. Great activity to introduction to fractions!

Year 1 Healthy Eating Workshop

This week in year 1 we got to take part in a healthy eating workshop. This involved trying some healthy foods, learning about the Eatwell plate and the different food groups as well as learning how different foods are good for us.

Year 2 World Book Day

For World Book Day, Year 2 watched a presentation from one of the World Book Day authors. We were inspired to create our own characters for Grimwood. Imaginations were fired up and created the wonderful: Buzzy Bear the bank robber; French Fries, a secret chip eating beaver who works in McDonalds and Fizzy Rabbit, who’s an amazing gymnast – to name just a few! Well done Year 2!

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