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School Staff

The school employs 78 people. This is made up of teachers and support staff, who are all committed to providing the children at Orchard with the best possible experience – whether it is from; providing a lovely clean environment to allowing the children to get messy while gardening!

The Senior Leadership Team

Mr Sutton:        Executive Headteacher

Mr Williams:    Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lincoln:    Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) / Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Williams: KS2 Phase Leader

Mrs Windle:     KS1 Phase Leader

Miss Woodand:  EYFS Leader

Ms Matthews: Business Manager


  • Class 6O: Miss O’Shea
  • Class 6W: Mrs Williams
  • Class 5DH: Mrs Holley
  • Class 5LH: Miss Hope
  • Class 5S: Mrs Stiller
  • Class 5T: Mrs Thomas
  • Class 4EM: Miss McConnon
  • Class 4HM: Miss Monks
  • Class 3P: Miss Parmar
  • Class 3W: Mrs Walters
  • Class 2E: Miss Cheung
  • Class 2W: Mrs Windle
  • Class 1S: Miss Simmons
  • Class 1T: Miss Tinning
  • Class RLH: Mrs Lipman / Mrs Evans
  • Class RW: Miss Woodland (Maternity) Mrs Herbert / Mrs Evans
  • Class Nursery: Mrs Maule
  • PPA Cover: Mrs Haynes
  • PPA Cover: Ms Jones
  • PPA Cover: Mr Smith
  • PPA Cover:  Mrs Khan

Office Team

  • Office Manager: Miss Gaston
  • School Business Manager: Ms Matthews
  • Administrator: Miss Lewis
  • Pupil Welfare: Miss Markham-James
  • Finance Assistant: Mrs Domah
  • Governors Clerk: Mr Robb

Teaching Support Team

  • ICT Manager: Mrs Wishart
  • Teachers’ Admin: Mrs Cox
  • Sports Assistant: Mr Greenstreet

Learning Support

  • Year 6: Mrs Divall
  • Year 5: Mrs Gill
  • Year 5: Miss George
  • Year 4: Mrs Twomey
  • Year 3: Mrs Humphreys
  • Class 2W: Mrs Cross
  • Class 2E: Mrs Joubert
  • Class 1S: Mrs McFall
  • Class 1T: Mrs Pacheco
  • Class RW: Mrs Mitchell / Mrs Francis
  • Class RLH: Mrs Harrison-Alway
  • Class Nursery: Mrs Skupin
  • LSA: Mrs Luck
  • LSA: Mrs Bearup
  • LSA: Mrs Patel
  • LSA: Mrs Maroof
  • LSA: Miss Simpson
  • LSA: Mr Hemerling
  • LSA: Mrs Dubey
  • LSA: Mrs Giri
  • LSA: Mrs Lucas
  • LSA: Miss Neale
  • LSA: Mrs Shah

Premises Team

  • Site Manager: Mr Griffiths
  • Caretaker: Mr Robb (Casual)
  • Cleaner: Mrs Done
  • Cleaner: Mrs Malushi
  • Cleaner: Ms Krasniqi
  • Cleaner: Miss Simmonds 

Midday Staff

  • Senior MSA: Mrs Newlan
  • Mrs Davis
  • Mrs Done
  • Mrs Sallit
  • Mrs Kausar
  • Mrs Humphreys
  • Miss Craig
  • Ms Khan
  • Mrs Bigoszewska
  • Mrs Nartey
  • Miss Simmonds
  • Mrs Wescombe
  • Mrs Sabir
  • Miss Malushi (Casual)
  • Mrs Barnes Casual)
  • Mr Robb (Casual)
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