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House system

Children throughout the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 are placed in 4 ‘Houses’. These groups compete against each other in earning ‘House Points’ with a weekly ‘House Cup and Attendance Certificate’ being presented.

At Orchard, building relationships with peers and working well with others is encouraged and reaching Year 6 means that our older children, are always keen to take on monitor positions, in order to help run areas of the school on a day to day basis.

We have 7 different roles of responsibility:

Our Tech Monitors can often be found putting out benches, chairs and operating the computers, lights and sound during whole school and some class assemblies.

Our Library Monitors work closely with the Librarian and support younger children in reading and in maintaining the library by putting books carefully back on shelves in the correct places.

Reading Book Monitors ensure that our scheme of reading books for younger readers is maintained and put back in correct colour coded baskets, whilst also providing on hand buddy support for younger children at lunchtimes.

Trolley Monitors support the Midday Supervisors by moving, positioning and tidying lunch-box trolleys for the children at lunchtimes.

Our EYFS Monitors provide weekly support for the Early Years Foundation Stage; sweeping and general tidying of the outdoor areas and social interaction with the younger members of our school during their play.

Garden Monitors are a valuable team and support our creative Garden Supervisor, helping her to provide maintenance of weeds and assisting with planting and general supervision of younger visitors to the garden at lunchtimes.

Sport Monitors are used during school sporting events, assisting with organisation and equipment layout.  They also provide much needed tidying support of general sport equipment.

All Year 6 children have risen to their challenges and enjoy the greater responsibility of working for their school. They are provided with lanyards, like all staff, so that they are clearly visible to staff and children of Orchard.

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