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Year 1

Class 1M: Miss Mansbridge (Classteacher), Mrs Parsons (Learning Support) and Mrs Khan (PPA Cover). We are located in the Year 1 block – right hand classroom. 

Class 1N: Miss Norman (Classteacher), Mrs Charan (Learning Support), Mrs Miksakova (Learning Support) and Mrs McFall (PPA Cover). We are located in the Year 1 block – left hand classroom.

1M -Tuesdays and Fridays
1N -Tuesdays and Fridays

Homework: Set on Monday, handed in Friday

We warmly welcome all Year One children this year and feel excited to get to know them. We are ready to support them as they settle into their routines and continue their learning journey. Our aim is to ensure that our classes are happy, safe, engaged and active.

Reading daily is one of the most important things that will help your child access all areas of the curriculum. Please read the leaflet for key information and keep a lookout on our school website, Twitter and Instagram pages as we share learning experiences, achievements and work.

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