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Thank you 2E

Thank you 2E for your generous gifts. It has been a pleasure teaching you and watching you all grow. We hope you have a great summer and wish you all the best. Love Mrs Hartlett-Cheung and Mrs Joubert

Transition Morning 5DH – 6W

This morning, 5DH became 6W for an hour. It was great to meet the children as their new teacher and get to know more about them. We discussed our roles and responsibilities as both teacher and student next year and then create an ‘All About Me’ display, ready to be put up in our new classroom.

2E Sports Day

2E had a fantastic time competing in their sports day events. We cheered each other on in the running races and the children won points in the egg and spoon, skipping, javelin, seated throwing and the space hopper race. Well done to all of 2E!

Shelters in 6W

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively to solve a problem; to create a shelter fit for a disaster. Some children choose floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes or even war. They worked exceptionally hard to mark, measure and build their shelters, choosing their materials carefully. We think they look fantastic!

Smoothie Sessions in 6W

Today we were lucky to have Chartwells come in to deliver their Smoothie Bike Workshops to us. We learnt about the different types of smoothies and their ingredients, as well as looking at their sugar content. We then made 2 different smoothies: one in a blender and one on a smoothie bike where we had to power the blender. We had to ride the bike to make the blender work and mix our smoothie together, but after all our hard work we got to enjoy the delicious smoothie!

Positive Minds in 6W

We really enjoyed our session in week 3 where we learnt about resilience and also learnt a new technique of box breathing. We learnt how to use this method to help us when we become frustrated or annoyed. We then played a game of rock, paper, scissors and then had to try and stand up with a cup and ball on our head without dropping it. Our resilience paid off and we were able to stand up!

Refraction in 6W

In Year 6 we have been learning about light and we looked at refraction and dispersion of light. We looked at the colours that make up white light and the colours of visible light. We learnt that all the colours have different wavelengths and this is why they ar refracted at different angles and why we have rainbows! We looked at light being dispersed through bubbles and made our own rainbow paper!

Exploring reflection in 6W

In Science, we have been continuing our learning on light and how light is reflected. We looked at how light is reflected from mirrors and then conducted an experiement using torches to study tne angle of incidence and the angle of refelction; we learnt that they are always the same!

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