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RE in Class 6O

This week, we worked in groups to carry out and present research about the five pillars of Islam. Each group explored a different pillar and then presented their findings to the rest of the class to create an overview.

Gymnastics in Class 6O

This half term in our indoor PE lessons we have been working on matching and mirroring. We were asked to produce a sequence with a partner which included an opening, three matching movements and an ending. We were challenged to perform some of our movements in unison and some in cannon. Our sequences also needed to include a range of levels and transitions between movements.

Year 1 RE

Year 1 enjoyed trying Challah bread and grape juice as part of our learning in RE about Judaism and Shabbat. Delicious!

Year 4 House Rounders

Year 4 enjoyed their House Rounders Tournament this morning, where they showed great sportsmanship and demonstrated all the skills and rules they had learned during PE lessons. All of our children played incredibly well, but of course there has to be winner, which was… Bramley! Well done!

Nursery Stay and Play

Thanks to all of our parents for making stay and play such a great event. It was wonderful to see 100% of our children sharing their learning with their parents.

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