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Year 5 Science

Continuing our learning on forces, we have been exploring the use of pulleys and levers and have had a great time this afternoon making and testing catapults.

Year 5 Mayan Masks

We have been investigating Mayan masks in art as part of our theme this half term. We used our research to create and plan our own designs in our sketchbooks. Yesterday, we started to sculpt them using Modroc, it was lots of fun and the masks are looking fantastic!

Year 5 Science

This afternoon we have been investigating the effects of air resistance by designing the ‘perfect parachute’ for delivering our skydiving camel to the ground safely!

1M English

Today in English, the children in 1M were learning the story of Pinocchio. In their partners, they were using drama to become puppets.

Science in 3G

Year 3 were dissecting plants for our Science lesson. We were learning all about the inside of a plant and the different functions these parts had. We also learnt about how these parts play a huge part in the pollination process!

Agora Values Day in 3G

This week we were looking at the Agora value optimism. We discussed what it means and how we might become more optimistic. In Year 3, we discussed the wider world issues that the children may have heard on the news from climate change and deforestation to inequality, racism and war. In our ‘optimism lenses’ we drew what our ideal world would look like, some things we kept the same but there were also things we would wanted to change to make the world a better place. Well done 3G!

Science Week in Year 3

Year 3 have loved working scientifically this week! The theme for science week this year was ‘connections’ – in year 3 we explored the connection between temperature and the rate at which yeast works. We concluded that the higher the temperature the faster the rate of reaction. Therefore, if making bread always leave it to prove in a warm room!

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