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Well-being in 6W

Today 6W looked at the things we could do to improve our well-being during this lockdown. We thought about things that make us feel good and calm and the things which worked well for us during the previous lockdown. Have a look at some of our wonderful ideas – perhaps you could try some?

Fingerprints in 6W

In Year 6 we have been learning about crime and punishment. Today we looked at different modern day methods of detection and looked at fingerprinting! We learnt that everyone has a unique fingerprint and there are three different types: loop, ulnar and radial. We then took and analysed our own fingerprints before analysing fingerprints taken at the scene of a crime and elimating suspects. We then all cracked the case of the stolen Jelly Babies from Mr Sutton’s office.

Namaste from India

Today, on our Daily Mile destinations, we travelled to India! You may not be able to tell it from the dark sky and the freezing weather, but we promise, we have made it to India. Next stop – China!

Analysing evidence in 6W

In 6W, we listened to the poem of the Highway Man. We then looked at the items which were found on his body and completed a zones of relevance task. We decided where the items which were found should be placed on the zones of relevance sheet – listening carefully to each other’s ideas and supporting our decisions. We then decided if we could say, beyond reasonable doubt, if he was a Highway Man.

Exploring levers, gears and pulleys in 6W

As part of our Covid Catch-up curriculum, we have been learning about forces. Today we learnt about levers, gears and pulleys and how they help us to move things more easily. We explored everyday objects and then created our own pulley system using everyday objects! We were certainly academically fit for life!

Christmas Crafts in 6W

Today, after a morning of our final assessments of the week, we decided to continue to make the classroom look festive! We spent the afternoon making Christmas shoes, which have now taken pride of place on our two Christmas trees and around our board. We all worked hard, being precise with our measuring and cutting, learning how to lace and cutting accurately. We then individually decorated our shoes which reflected our personalities really well – we even had some Louboutins created!

Mindfulness in 6W

Today we spent some time focusing on our breathing and how we can use this to control any anxiety we may face. We also focused on how to be kind to ourselves, repeating positive affirmations about ourselves.

salaam 3aleikum (Hello)

Hello from Egypt! In 6W have been busy travelling from Russia and we have finally made it to Egypt! We were so excited to see the pyramids (you can see the look on our faces) and tomorrow we will continue our journey, our next destination is India! 

Christingle in Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard with their Christingle. This year they are leading the Christingle concert, although remotely this year. We have finised our filming and cannot wait for you to see it.

PSHE in Year 6

As part of our PSHE unit on celebrating differences we thought about what life would be like for people who have different learning needs. We carried out a task, which was to make paper aeroplanes, thinking about how it could be adapted for those with different needs.

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