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Working Scientifically in 6G

We carried out an investigation for our last lesson on electricity. We loved creating different circuits and we showed resilience as our circuits did not always work. We were able to become scientists as we thought about fair testing, made conclusions and found patterns.

Art in 6G

Today we explored the qualities of different materials and how they might be used to enhance our ideas. Following on from on art lesson on Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art, we were creating our own ben day dot designs. We were allowed to use a variety of materials to see which would work best. We used compasses, pencils, bubble wrap and tooth picks to create the dots but we had to make sure the dots were accurately in a triangular design- this wasn’t easy. We enjoyed becoming artists and exploring and experimenting our ideas.

1T trip to Whipsnade

1T thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Whipsnade Zoo! We were able to see many animals from different parts of the world and we even learnt some wonderful facts about penguins and flamingos! We will be using our learning to stimulate our non-fiction writing, where we will be creating a travel journal in which we see many exotic animals. A big thank you to the PTA, who’s Rainbow Raffle subsidised the trip. What a wonderful day, we made some brilliant memories.  

Watford FC Positive Minds – 6G

Today we had a brilliant session from Jo where we looked at the correlation between physical and mental health. We looked at how our physical and mental health changes over time if we don’t look after ourselves.

Year 1 RE

Today in RE, we worked collaboratively to create a set of Shabbat items and thought about how they are used and why they are important for celebrating Shabbat. Super creative work Year 1 – well done!

Anyone for a Mud Pie?

We are loving our new digging area in the Nursery! Here we are learning lots of new skills such as taking turns, working collaboratively, how to use tools safely and so much more.

Enquiry-based Learning in Year 4

To introduce our new theme, ‘War in Watford’, Year 4 had the opportunity to explore some artefacts from The Watford Museum relating to World War II. We spent an afternoon examining the soldiers equipment, gas masks, articles from newspapers, first hand reports and so much more! We had so many questions and our enquiry-led learning has given us a huge opportunity to be academically fit for life!

A huge thank you to Miss Griggs, our History lead, for organising such a fun and informative afternoon.

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