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Cooking in 4N!

We had a fantastic day cooking as part of our Design and Technology learning linked to WW2! To start the day, the children thought about the necessity to be hygienic when cooking and what this involves as well as thinking about what equipment they would need. The children then went on to prepare the carrot and beetroot by using a grater carefully. Once they had all of the required equipment and ingredients, they worked in small groups to produce either the carrot cookies or beetroot cake. They followed each step of the recipe carefully, always checking that the quantities they were using were correct. They also made sure that they were sharing and allowing all members of their group to have a turn. 

Year 5 Science

As part of our learning on forces, Year 5 have been investigating air resistance by trying to develop the perfect parachute. Luckily all our lego people made it to Earth safely – well done Year 5!

1M Moving pictures

In D&T, 1M have been looking at how we can make pictures move. We have been practicing using split pins and sliders to make different parts of our pictures spin and move up or down or side to side. We had to make a plan for our pictures and use this plan when creating these final pictures. Here is some of our final pictures.

Art in Year 2

We have been exploring sculpture in Year 2, on Friday last week we used clay to create 3 small chocolate sculptures. We used a range of tools and techniques including, squeezing, rolling, pinching, twisting and many more!

1M Drama

Today in English, we were performing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children had to think about how each character would talk and act in each scene then perform to their friends in class.

Computing in 4N

The children in 4N loved learning all about collecting and logging data today. They used the iPads to digitally measure both brightness and sound in different areas of the classroom as well as outside. They soon noticed patterns and were already beginning to analyse the data!

Geography in Class 6O

Today we were the teachers! In groups, we were given an information card about one of the following benefits of the river:

  • Leisure
  • Farming
  • Water
  • Habitat
  • Energy
  • Transportation

First, we created a presentation on the flip chart paper, then we visited different groups and were taught the key information. We then returned back to our group and reported our findings. 

3A Block Printing

Over the course of this half term, 3A have loved experimenting with block printing. We experimented with vegetables, then with making our own block and finally created our final piece with polystyrene tiles. The art work we have created is beautiful! Make sure you have a look at the parents evening coming up!

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