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Year 6

6W shelters

Year 6 enjoyed being creatively fit for life today by being to assemble their shelters which they had previously planned. The children were accurate and precise and showed excellent patience and attention to detail. We cannot wait to carry on and complete our structures!

Maths in 6W

In maths, we have been working hard on measures and angles. We have been using our protractor to draw and measure angles and we have refined our skills!

Science Week 6W

It’s science week and this year’s theme is connections! As scientists we looked at fingerprints and how each fingerprint is unique! We then looked closely at ours to see if we had loops, arches or whorls before taking our own prints! We even solved the case of the stolen jelly babies using our new skills.

Science Week in Class 6O

As part of our work during Science Week, we learnt about the importance of fingerprints and how they are used in real lfie. We then used a specific techique to take and analyse our fingerprints. Finally, we became crime scene investigators, analysing fingerprints to solve the case of who stole Mr Sutton’s jelly babies!

D & T in Class 6O

This week, we were learnign to use equipment safely and accurately in our Design and Technology lessons. We had to mark and measure pieces of square dowell and cut them to the correct lengths using a vice and a juniour hacksaw. We then glued them together with triangle supports to create a square. Practising these skills we help us when making our disaster shelters next week.

D&T in 6W

In D&T we marked, measured and cut wood, refining our skills before making out our own shelters soon!

Science investigations in 6W

In science today we learnt that static electricity is electricity built up in one place. We learnt that there is an in-balance of electrons, resulting in an object being positively or negatively charged. We then investigated static electricity through a range of investigations and wrote up our results, using scientific vocabulary.

Science in Class 6O

Today in Science we were exploring different types of electricity. We carried out some investigations into static electricity and recorded our observations and scientific explanations using key vocabulary.

Natural Disasters Homework 6W

As part of our theme on Natural Disasters, the children took part in a homework project, lasting 2 weeks, creating work on this topic. We had posters, diagrams, slideshows, whole books and even models made (and erupted). The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at each other’s homework and seeing how creatively and academically fit for life they are.

Problem Solving in Science Class 6O

Today in Science we carried out an investigation linked to adaptation and evolution. We were challenged to adapt a bird beak so that we could pick up a range of different food sources. We loved being creative and using different materials to adapt our beaks.

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