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Year 6

6W Sports Day

Today was 6Ws final Sports Day and what a day it was! The children demonstrated all their skills but also our school values through our field and track events. Well done to all for being so physically fit for life!

Class 6O- It’s Your Move!

This morning Year 6 had a visit from Watford Schools Trust who lead a workshop based on the changes, choices and challenges the children may face when they start secondary school. They found the session incredibly useful and we will be doing some follow-up activities based on this in class. We would like to thank the Watford Schools Trust for providing each of our students with their own secondary school guide book.

Discussing Greater Jihad in 6W

In RE, we discussed ways in which Muslims follow the teachings of Allah. We reflected on how some of these actions are more challenging than other actions and how this is part of a Muslim’s Greater Jihad.

Science in 6O

This afternoon we conducted a scientific enquiry to find out how light can be reflected in order to change its direction. We created mirror mazes with the aim being to get the beam of light to travel to a given target. To do this we used mirrors and had to think carefully about the different angles needed in order to reach the target.

Investigating shadows in 6W

In science Year 6 have been learning about light. To begin our unit of work we investigated shadows: why they were formed and the size and shapes of shadows. We went outside in the sunshine and investigated the shapes of our shadows and we learnt that our shadow will always be the same shape as the object creating the shadow – we even decided to do the YMCA with our shadows!

Working Scientifically in 6G

We carried out an investigation for our last lesson on electricity. We loved creating different circuits and we showed resilience as our circuits did not always work. We were able to become scientists as we thought about fair testing, made conclusions and found patterns.

Working Scientifically in 6W

Today in science we carried out an experiment which required us to work scientifically. Our enquiry question was: How does changing the components in a circuit affect the loudness of a buzzer. We then planned our experiment, controlling our variables, before conducting our experiment using a decibel reader on the chrome book (and one of us had a decibel reader on our smartwatch). We then wrote up our results and conclusions.

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