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Year 6

Stay Active Session 6W

Thank you to the School Sports Partnership for delivering our stay active sessions last Wednesday. We looked at both handball and basketball, learning the skills of both, before applying our skills of basketball into game scenarios. We certainly enjoyed being physically fit for life!

Maths in Year 6

Today we solved an equivalent fraction puzzle! It was hard work but we showed excellent resilience.

Drama in Class 6O

As part of our English work linked to Charles Dickens’ novel ‘A Christmas Carol’, we used the drama technique of a conscience alley to try and persuade Mr Scrooge to give money to help the poor and uneducated children of London. Miss O’Shea really enjoyed playing the role of Mr Scrooge and our points were so persuasive she was successfully convinced! Bam Humbug!

Crime and Punishment in the Roman era – an historical enquiry in 6W

In history today we were faced timing with the enquiry question of: how fair was the system for crime and punishment in the Roman era. In groups, we looked at a range of secondary sources (videos, photographs, games and fact files) and learnt about the strange for crime and punishment in the Roman era. After analysing each source, we decided on how fair we thought the system was before writing a conclusion. Most of us felt that the system was extremely unfair!

History in Class 6O

In History, we had a range of secondary sources including images, videos, information sheets and a game to investigate the following enquiry question:

How fair was the Roman system for crime and punishment?

For each source we analysed, we discussed whether we felt it showed that the Roman system for crime and punishment was fair/ reasonable or unfair/ unreasonable. We then placed our opinion on a scale rating from unfair to fair and gave reasons for our decision. Once we had evaluated a range of sources, we then came to a group conclusion.

Black History Month in 6W

The children have been working incredibly hard on the research projects all about Black History Month. The children researched an inspiration person of their choice and explained why they were influential to Black History. The children chose political activities, poets, athletes, musicians and political leaders and displayed their work in a way of their choice. The children created fact files, slideshows, recorded TV reports, created art work and we even had a book made! The children then showed their homework to the rest of the class today and were incredibly proud of their achievements!

Swimming Success in 6W

Congratulations to Louie who placed 1st in both his individual medley and front crawl races at swimming last night! An olympian in the making!

Talents and Team Building in 6W

Last week 6W took part in some team building exercises, working on our trust and communication. We were also tasked with ‘wowing’ Mrs Williams with a special talent. The children were given an array of equipment and could use whatever they wished!

Geography in 6W

In Geography we looked at the different parts of the global supply chain. We then looked at a case of cotton T-Shirts and had to determine if each part was either the primary, secondary or tertiary part of the supply chain.

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